The Shadow Court has always dedicated itself to the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge. The Library at Vinyamar boasts one of the largest and most extensive collection of books, letters, scrolls and other written materials outside of The Lycaeum.

Maintained by Muldran, it is the place to go if you are looking for lost lore, ancient secrets or more conventional works. An extensive index of the Collection can be found here.

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Note that while The Shadow Court believes all knowledge should be freely available to those who seek it, some volumes are considered too dangerous to be allowed into unprepared hands. Those seeking to access the Court's Restricted Section should seek permission from Muldran first. (A letter of introduction from a scholar of repute or a ranking member of the Court or it's allies may be required in this instance.)

The Courtier Cherry, Lady of the Pool, is outcast from her Elven kin, accused of the misuse of subtle magic and a failure to observe the proper rites and rituals of their complex society.

The stoic Shadow Knight Decardo Imier claims descent from an ancient clan of incomparable warriors, whose icy lands are rumoured to lie far beyond the Serpent Pillars.

Both are noted for keeping extensive journals of their travels and daily activities.

These journals, as they are filled, are filed away amongst the countless tomes of the Vinyamar Collection, and make fascinating reading for those seeking an insight into the workings of Sosaria.

Those interested in learning more may browse their collected journals here.

Graham The Gray, once thought by some to have reached the twilight of his years, had apparently undertaken a self-imposed exile, quietly keeping Rhovanion's Caradhras Inn.

Appointed Court Wizard in a time when Muldran lost all use of his magic, Graham went on to retain his position even after the Guildmaster regained his sorcery, and has abandoned the seclusion of cold Malas to take a more active role in the affairs of The Shadow Court.

Even so, he cannot fully leave Rhovanion behind him. Whispers of a dark and sinister presence, bound to the land upon which the settlement is built, have begun to reach the ears of The Court, and much of Graham's research has begun to focus on this shadow of a threat.