Throughout the history of the Court there have always been warriors, men and women whose role it was to defend the secrets and lore gathered by the Court. These folk are the Knights of the Court who form the Shadow Order.

A Knight of the Order is one who tolerates many faiths and deeds, but who works against warfare, slavery and the wanton destruction of the land and the creatures that inhabit it. They oppose those who would build Empires by the sword, or spilled blood or who would work the Arts (magic) regardless of the consequences. They work towards bringing lost knowledge, both magical and mundane (for example; spellcraft research, crafts, lore & histories) to the Great Library so to preserve them for the future.

Most importantly they are sworn to defend the Great Library and the Knowledge stored therein with flesh and steel, for to the Courtiers knowledge and wisdom is the most precious commodity in the land. They are also the Guardians of a secret ( discussed on the private Shadow Order forum )

The Knights have no rank, only varying degrees of personal influence gained from time served and respect given to them by the other Courtiers. They report to the Cardinals and the Shadow King and all bear the title of Shadow Knight. A title not chosen because of the way they favour the colours of the shadows but more for the way they move through society...behind the scenes, and within the shadows unseen by the majority of those who walk the lands.

"Working for the good of the realm and maintaining the balance are often matters of small degrees. To shape a bush you must prune it gently, not take a machete to it."

All Knights favour the colours associated with shadows but their garb is varied depending on their own personal preferences dedicated from heritage and past roles in life. One thing they always have in common; they all wear on their person somewhere, the symbol of the Order, usually in the form of a cloak pin or clasp.

It takes the form of the outer ring in the shape of a silver crescent moon and the pin being formed into the shape of a sword. Thus their emblem is the crescent moon and the sword against a night sky (the grey of their robes).