The broken facet of Malas is proof of what can happen when opposing ideologies clash.

The conflict between the Paladin city of Luna and the Necromancer stronghold of Umbra ruptured the ether and left the whole facet suspended in a starry sea.

Deep within the Northern Crags lies a village. The snow falls all year round, although the people there are far from cold.

It was here that Bertrand of the Court made arrangements with the Lord of Rhovanion so that the Shadow Court could settle and build properties within the area. It's not all that easy to reach - after arriving in Luna, one has to take a long walk through the crystal fens, and around the end of a dissolving strut of land - but its remote location promotes peace... Or so the Court has said.

rhovanion map
Map by Dolphoenix - click map for larger version

Muldran has left a map showing the way - you can find your way into the valley by scrolling around.

Vinyamar, located in Central Rhovanion, is the heart of The Shadow Court, being both a renowned library and the location of the Court Guildstone. Muldran gathers tomes (both tame and terrible) and although some are locked away, he endeavours to make sure the knowledge of ages is not hidden from those who truely need it. Within Vinyamar are rooms of study, and (it is rumoured) locations where the powers of the Elemental Stones are harnessed.

The mighty fortress of The Shadow Order looms over Southern Rhovanion, its forbidding towers and wrought iron gates present a grim reminder that sometimes diplomacy must be backed by a show of strength. The Order has be revitalised inrecent days - a sign that something is stirrying within the Court.

The Floating Watchtower presents a mystery. It's previous use as a prison to hold those affected by something the Court refers to as 'The Greater Darkness' are one of the slightly more disturbing clues to the threat the Court faces. Its keys are held by the itinerant wizard Hawksmoor

Rhovanion was an established, if remote, settlement before the arrival of the Shadow Court. Now under the 'benevolent' rule of Lord Bohemond (onetime member of Havoc and foe of the Court) the lands have been opened up to the Shadow Court to settle there as well. However, several buildings - despite being used by the Court - still belong to the People of Rhovanion.

The Caradhras Inn, maintained by Graham The Grey, provides a welcome respite from the bitter cold for travellers and locals alike. It is usual to find the Shadow Court swapping tales of terror - or, at least, Muldran's latest mistake.

Minas Morgul Stables recently freed from the taint of Samba's magic still may hide some secrets - but in the meantime, a safe place for the traveller's beast of burden.

Bar-en-Danwedh - home to Lord Bohemond of Rhovanion. The Lord surveys his domain from here. Few of the Shadow Court have actually ventured inside the building, with the Lord prefering to meet the Court in the other buildings of the village. What secrets could Bohemond be hiding?

House of Lancro - Araidius Lancro, slightly erratic sage, has recently settled in Rhovanion. His house - a spawling, ice white edifice - looks over the valley.

Rhovanion is not without its perils. While the occasional Snow Leopard proves to be harmless unless provoked, the aggressive Ice Snakes often crawl out of the crags and hunt the frozen streets in search of food. Travellers should beware and have a weapon or offensive spell on hand when walking across Rhovanion.