The Shadow Court are a roleplaying guild, although they also enjoy playing the game as friends. They aim to involve themselves in plots and storylines, but there's some things you should know.

They're all a bit eccentric. Not ha-ha-mad-nutty-suddenly-stab-you-in-the-back, but they don't always all agree, although they try not to let their internal strife show.

The Court exists to guard personal freedom. This doesn't mean they let people run wild, but they'll often act as the devil's advocate. They'll sometimes try to make things happen just to see what can happen but they do take their role as mediators and middlemen very seriously. Should anyone need this kind of aid, they should call on the Court.

As collectors of the arcane and bizarre, the Court quite happily display the strange items and wonders they have collected. They participate in plenty of hunts, dungeon delves and exploration, sometimes clad in their, frankly quite odd, gear. Don't worry - they do understand that such items can scare people, but it's part of their image, and they're not going to suddenly start whacking people over the head with the fantastic devices they hold.

PvP very rarely happens to the Court. They don't (ah) court this type of attention, although if someone starts a fight with them, it'll surely be finished. Give them a chance to change out of their odd attire though - since they all follow these rules:

- Rules of Engagement for interacting with other RP guilds -

Other groups we play with may have some additional rules - remember - respect all things, and if there's any conflict, tell Muldran!