The guildstone may be cobwebed, ivy ridden and seemingly unused, but Muldran still scratches the names of those who enter the Court upon it.

Guildmaster: The Guildmaster of the Shadow Court shoulders the responsibility of keeping the Manifesto in order, and being observant in the search for the Greater Darkness. A guildmaster of the Court can be an arbiter of balance - and the trials associated with that station can be troublesome.

Just a few short months ago, Muldran Skully resigned from the position of Shadow King, saying that he had mislead the Court many times, and felt that they couldn't trust him anymore. He said he wanted to devote time to bringing up his adopted son, Tim Hunter... And so Gorthyn became the Shadow King.

Lords Cardinal: Positions once held jointly by the founders Jack of Shadows and Roxanne alongside Muldran.

The Shadow Order: A brotherhood of Knights under the command of the Lords Cardinal, The Shadow Order represents the martial arm of the Shadow Court.

The Courtiers: Active members of the Shadow Court engaged in diplomatic negotiations and support roles. Courtiers tend to be non-combattant.

Grey Walkers: New members or those who have yet decide which path to follow within the Shadow Court itself.

Affiliates: Associates of the Shadow Court who hold Court titles - or are outside the Court's control....

Lost Souls: Those who have left, or are lost, or who may yet return.

Guildmaster: Ivor Strongarm, Grandmaster Craftsman

Lord of Rhovanion: Bohemond, Local Gentry