Please be aware of our stance with the following groups. Note that the Court will try and act in a cordial manner, treating each newly encountered person and group as a potential ally - or at least someone to share knowledge with.

For up-to-date information on our relationships with these people, read the forum thread.

The Court is on good terms with the following people, and providing we don't annoy them, we can generally guarantee we'll have their support...

The Dark Cloaks (DCL)
The Duchy of Trinsic (DoT)
Knights and Mages of Kha (KMK)
Knights Hospitaller (KH)
Knights of Virtue (K0V)
People of Rhovanion (PoR)
Serfs (Srf)
The Spectral Court (S-C)
Umbra (Umb)

The Court has few enemies that go for the throat. It's the Court's aim to be friends to all - and to keep the balance wherever possible. But surely there's some out there who seek to turn the Court inside out?

Army of Darkness (AofD)
Havoc (Hvc)

We know many people - some of them view us with suspicion, but not hostility. Keep a wary eye and a civil tongue, and we may make firm friends. But should the pendulum swing the other way, we'll be ready...

The Army of Kaldor (A^K)
The Baronship of Cove (BoC)
The Crew of the Indomitable (crew)
Blades for Hire (MERC)
Borough of Yew (B^Y)
City of Britain (CBr)
Community of Role-Players, Europa (CoRE)
Ebon Hand (EH)
Floh'len d'Lloth (F^L)
Guardsmen Militia (Grd)
The Knights Templar (KT)
L' Qu'ellar's Elamshin (Q*E)
Order of Haven (-OH-)
Qu'ellar Von'Sah (V^S)
Quid pro Quo (Quid)
Renegades of Virtue (RoV)
The Royal Marksmen Regiment (-RM-)
The Scarlet Wenches (Wch)
Sidhe Haven (SHE)
Township of Valoria (VLR)
Trinsic Crime Alliance (TCA)
The Village of Silverleaf (Slf)
Vesper Trading Company (VTC)
Ye Sosarian Morning Poste (Post)