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who are the shadow court?
Sometimes, it's difficult to work out what you want in life. You want to see strange new places. Enjoy time with friends. Or, perhaps, you're in pursuit of that one piece of knowledge that will make everything make sense.

But you're always working with someone's agenda. They have aims. They're going places. You're with 'em, or against 'em. What about those who want to represent balance; respect their own freedoms, work with others, and protect those threatened by conformity?

Strange events are affecting our land - from the re-emergence of Blackrock through to new mysteries revealing long lost peoples and history.  There need to be people willing to look outside the walls of the city - people who can find out what's going wrong... and help put it right.

we walk where we will
The Shadow Court is comprised of adventurers, explorers, seekers of knowledge, and outcasts. People who don't feel the need to conform, but neither do they feel the need to tear down society. They're different, they know it, and they're going to make the most of it.

Founded by a tailor, a pirate and a poet, the Court has grown to include people from reformed criminals through to great warriors, welcoming old enemies and new friends into the fold as they learn more about themselves, the world, and the secrets hidden just outside the corner of your eye.

we serve only britannia
From a hidden valley in the facet of Malas, the Shadow Court watch, work and strive against the Greater Darkness. Walking amongst the towns and the dungeons of the world, the Shadow Court increase the knowledge and following. Their library is available to all, the snow-swept settlement of Rhovanion a welcoming light in the darkness.

The Shadow Court (SCT) is a guild on the Europa server of Ultima Online.